About Me - Sumit Sharma

Thanks for visiting my website. Here’s a bit about me. I live in Pune, a vibrant city in India, also known as Oxford of the East. I used to work for a healthcare SaaS company for close to two decades. Eventually, I quit my job in 2019.

I always wanted to make the transition from being an employee to being an entrepreneur.  And it wasn’t easy. In fact, I later realized I didn’t want to be an entrepreneur.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being one. Just that it wasn’t something I was interested in. All I wanted to be was a paid creative. Someone who gets paid to serve in a meaningful way.

That’s how I got started with writing, and started doing freelance writing, along with posting on this blog.

I later launched Coach Buzz Magic, where I help coaches launch a website, as well as help them with things like niche discovery, and branding.

My Core Intention

My core intention is to serve you, by drawing light on the power of meditation, and to encourage you to meditate. To do this, I will be writing content around the topic of meditation, and how it applies in various challenging situations in life.

I am also available as a Meditation Coach for those who would like to get one-on-one support.

What’s in it for You

A new life. Really.

Yes, it might sound like a bold statement, but that is what my work is eventually all about.

So if you decide to hang out with me, I promise the following:

  • Real, authentic, factual information
  • Integrity
  • Sensitivity
  • True personal growth, in place of fake personal development

In Gratitude

This effort would not be possible without the crucial support of some key people in my life.

Amaldin, my lifemate, who not only supports me a 100% in following my aspirations, but who also helps me clean up my writing.

My parents, for not imposing their ideas on me, but loving me enough to give me the freedom to make my own mistakes, and learn from them.

To you, the reader, without whom, all this would be just words on paper.

A heartfelt thank you!

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