The Beyond - Something Higher Than Life

The Beyond – Something Higher Than Life….

The Beyond… Neither God Nor Devil, Neither Heaven Nor Hell, Those Who Don’t Know Me Call Me Shiva Those Who Know Me Say Nothing… What’s in a name, what’s in a form, Just be still and go beyond.. Life and death is just a child’s play… From the beyond, this I say.. In devotion there … Read More

Spiritual Love

What Is Valuable To The Mind, Is Ignorance To The Spirit

The mind values its ignorance, for all that it has got in the name of knowledge is ignorance. And ignorance is suffering. Yet, the mind has no understanding of its own ignorance. Just the same way as darkness knows nothing but darkness. And just as darkness can never know light, the mind can never see … Read More

You Are No One

The Idea That I Am Someone Is A Lie – You Are No One At All

Now pay attention to what you’re about to read, and also pay attention to the fear that you may sense when reading this. If you want the answer to the suffering that you’ve been going through, then you will need to consciously suffer the truth that is going to descend on you now, through these … Read More

Opposition is Suffering

There’s Just One Word For Your Suffering: Opposition

All suffering is born out of nothing but an opposition to truth. What opposes what is good and right in you, is nothing but a lie. If you look at the nature of opposition in you, you will find that it is the invented self, Mr. Ego who opposes everything that is good and right … Read More