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Quit Smoking With Meditation

Quit Smoking With Meditation And Get High On Life

Look, I will be upfront. You are missing it. What you think is giving you a high, pales in comparison to the high of life. But you don’t know it, so you’re busy smoking away, and that’s fine. You think smoking is the best you can do to feel better? I’d like to invite you … Read More

Clicking a Picture - Life Lesson

What Not Clicking a Picture Taught Me About Life

This morning, I was taking a walk, when I came across a beautiful tree, with lovely yellow flowers. I wanted to click a picture, but then I paused and reflected as to why I wanted to do that. The answer was that I wanted to share the beauty with my wife, who is also a … Read More

Quick Tips for a Joyful Life

Quick Tips for a Joyful Life

A Million Wrinkles Challenges are a part of life, but no challenge has the power to take away your joy. Even with a million wrinkles, you can have a sparkling smile. A declaration, that no problem in this world is greater than the joy of your spirit. Be Joyful Anyway… “My head is aching. So … Read More

Why I Quit Using WhatsApp

Here’s Why I Quit WhatsApp for Good!

I’ve been toying with the idea of uninstalling WhatsApp for quite some time, I thought I’d share why I quit whatsapp for those looking for some inspiration in doing the same. Given the popularity of the application, it has become almost impossible to have a “normal” life without it. Whether in personal or professional life, … Read More