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Clicking a Picture - Life Lesson

What Not Clicking a Picture Taught Me About Life

This morning, I was taking a walk, when I came across a beautiful tree, with lovely yellow flowers. I wanted to click a picture, but then I paused and reflected as to why I wanted to do that. The answer was that I wanted to share the beauty with my wife, who is also a … Read More

Quick Tips for a Joyful Life

Quick Tips for a Joyful Life

A Million Wrinkles Challenges are a part of life, but no challenge has the power to take away your joy. Even with a million wrinkles, you can have a sparkling smile. A declaration, that no problem in this world is greater than the joy of your spirit. Be Joyful Anyway… “My head is aching. So … Read More

A Tale of Two Boys and a Hermit

Once upon a time, there lived two young boys, who were best friends. They seemed to enjoy each others’ company, but the only thing causing a rift between them was that one was a theist, he believed in God, and the other was an atheist… They’d often argue over God with conviction. Each had his … Read More

My Isha Kriya Experience of Over 40 Days

In this post, I’d like to share my Isha Kriya experience, a powerful meditation designed by Sadhguru It is a tool to release one’s identification with the body and the mind. Almost all problems at a psychological level are caused due to wrong identification with the mind. Through this practice, one can become untangled, and … Read More