No Guru Can Tell You How to Live Your Life

How to Live your life

So you have problems in your life, and you go ask a guru, “How do you say sir, should I live my life.” You are asking the wrong question, there was never a guru on this planet, nor there will ever be a guru on this planet who can ever tell you how to live …

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Empty Your Cup With Meditation, And Enjoy Your Life

Empty Your Cup With Meditation

All worries and fears of your life come from ignorance masquerading as knowledge. Simply see, all your fears are an outcome thought. Which you are not. How can true knowledge ever be a burden? Only that which is false is a burden. In reality, life is pure receptivity, where it can only be perceived but …

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A Human Is Not the Pinnacle of Evolution, But a Possibility

Pinnacle of Evolution

While a human being is considered to be the peak of evolution of life, nature can only go so far in the evolution of consciousness. Human form isn’t the pinnacle of evolution, but it is a possibility to access the pinnacle of evolution. As such, every human being has a responsibility towards his evolution. Once …

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