Tips for Life

In this category, I share quick nuggets of wisdom, that act like a healing balm to life’s various challenges.

All Storms Pass

All storms pass. Right now we’re under one – Corona Virus. This too shall pass. Lay low, stay safe..

How to Meditate With Your Eyes Open

In general, we’re aware of meditating with eyes closed. Whether sitting or lying down. Certainly a beneficial practice. But many people find it difficult. They make excuses about not having time, or feeling too restless to ever sit quietly. Here’s a meditation technique, which you can do with your eyes open. I call it the […]

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Release the Ball of Expectations and Be Free!

What is troubling you right now? Something someone did or did not do? Imagine a ball of expectations. See that it is spinning slowly, and as it spins, it is collecting all your expectations from yourself, from others, and from life in general. Let the ball gain momentum, see it as turning into a red […]

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