Empty Your Cup With Meditation, And Enjoy Your Life

Empty Your Cup With Meditation

All worries and fears of your life come from ignorance masquerading as knowledge.

Simply see, all your fears are an outcome thought. Which you are not.

How can true knowledge ever be a burden? Only that which is false is a burden.

In reality, life is pure receptivity, where it can only be perceived but not thought about.

Notice how any effort to think about life, makes it appear so burdensome.

If you instead move into pure receptivity, you will notice that the imagined self, and its false need to think are non-life material.

The intellect is impotent, and incapable of helping you sail through the sea of life.

For the intellectually invented self lives on the idea of separation, and where there is separation there is fear.

Any and all fears of your life, are experienced due to this false function of the invented self, which says, it knows. But all it knows, is ignorance.

To simply see the fact, that as life, you have no knowledge that you can own. All idea that knowledge can be possessed is false.

Which is why a million questions about life, won’t take you anywhere, for questions belong to the domain of the intellect, which is not the vehicle to sail through the sea of life.

What you can do as life instead, is remain receptive.

You cannot make any concept about life, you can’t truly write a book about life, you cannot make life an academic subject.

All you can do is be the life that you are, and live it.

Life becomes magical, when there is no one there thinking or worrying, what’s going to happen to me.

Simply see, the whole bundle of worries that come about, come from the self that doesn’t truly exist, but one that is invented.

Meditation helps you see the fact as clearly as night and day, that you are not the body or the mind.

With this awareness of truth, comes the realization, that you are clueless about life.

As a child you were clueless and happy, as you grow up, you get the false impression that you have become knowledgeable, but all that knowledge takes away the joy doesn’t it?

How can true knowledge take away one’s joy? It is only the false, the filth, that appears to be valuable, but is in fact trash.

Meditation helps you see the trash as trash, and once you see it, you have no problem being absolutely clueless.

In a way, you become child like. And isn’t that what people often say — they say I miss my childhood, I was so happy then. Growing up appears burdensome.

But the fact is, life is growth, if you were happy as a child, growth should mean the joy only multiplies, but when that hasn’t happened, we think something is wrong with life.

The truth is, nothing is wrong with life, it is just that the invented self, that claims to know life, tends to distort reality, where the self and its problems appear real, but are in fact, only a psychological drama.

Which is why all you need is a little distance, so you can clearly see, that what has been stealing you of your joy is not life, but that which is not life.

You can enjoy your life as it was meant to be enjoyed, by emptying your cup, and saying goodbye to all thoughts that sneak in to steal your life.

When you see that everything the mind presents as knowledge, is ignorance, you are in the kingdom of heaven, where receptivity rules, and makes life a joyful experience for you every moment of your life.