No Guru Can Tell You How to Live Your Life

How to Live your life

So you have problems in your life, and you go ask a guru, “How do you say sir, should I live my life.”

You are asking the wrong question, there was never a guru on this planet, nor there will ever be a guru on this planet who can ever tell you how to live this life, because the question itself is wrong.

All gurus are in a way bullshitting, not because what they are saying is nonsense, but they are using words to try and talk about that which cannot be spoken about through words.

Every true guru’s effort is to take away all your knowledge, which is nothing but ignorance, and point you to the source of wisdom.

Which is why we all end up with meditation.

Simply see, what is the source of your guru’s knowledge? It’s certainly not his mind!

If it had to be the mind, he could just write a big fat book, you could learn it like a parrot, and we’d all be at peace.

However, in spite of all the words, wisdom seems to remain elusive.

Even if all gurus of the world came together and authored a book, it will be nothing but trash.

Simply because our intellect is not the source of wisdom, but only the source of information.

Information has its place in a man’s life, but information is useless when it comes to how to live your life.

In fact, the very question, how should I live my life, comes from ignorance about life.

It comes due to the lack of self knowledge.

You’re not actually asking how to live your life, all your questions about how to live your life, come from the deep rooted fear that you sense.

The false self that is afraid is asking a million questions to get a sense of security, which is why you expect the guru to give you some solace.

But no guru can give you solace without destroying your ignorance, just as he destroyed his, through self knowledge.

And when I say the word self knowledge, it does not mean, your intellectually invented identity, which is in fact at the root of all fear.

What I am referring to is a witnessing presence, consciousness, or awareness, that you can become aware of, through meditation.

And in doing so, you don’t just become aware of it, you see that you are it.

In a way all questions about how to live your life, come from the fear of death.

Whether you know it or not, you’re seeking immortality, which is the very truth of your being.

But don’t let these words fool you, consider them to be nonsense as well.

My intention in writing this article is not to stuff your mind with knowledge, but to encourage you to meditate and become aware of awareness.

Because when you become aware of awareness, you will not have to ask anyone how to live your life. You will live it perfectly well through the intelligence that is the very source of life.