Is Meditation Boring? Here’s the Answer

Is Meditation Boring

I’ve heard some people say meditation is boring, in this post, I’d like to shed some light on the subject.

So is meditation really boring?

Far from it.

In fact, people who say it is boring, have never really meditated.

I don’t mean to say they haven’t tried meditating.

They could have tried sitting in a certain posture, closing their eyes, trying to meditate, and then felt that it was a waste of time. Maybe they were doing it with some expectations, perhaps they had some ideas about what meditation is supposed to be like, and then felt it was dull.

The truth is, meditation is beyond the grasp of the intellect.

The mind knows no meditation.

If you try to intellectually meditate, all you will notice is you are sitting with your eyes closed, and then perhaps looking forward to what is going to happen next, now that you are supposedly “meditating.”

Meditation is not an act, it is a fact of your being.

You can be in a state of meditation, and one who is in a state of meditation, can never call it boring, for, meditation is not an effort, so it can’t be defined by the mind as entertaining or boring. It is beyond what the mind can comprehend.

When you experience the state of meditation, you experience it at a level above the thinking mind — so in terms of defining the state as boring or interesting, the thinking mind needs to be able to experience that state, which it never can.

Which is why all definition of meditation is false.

Even when I write about meditation, I can’t tell you exactly what meditation is, it is beyond words.

All I can say is you can experience it, and know that there is something in you, which is apart from the often noisy thinking mind.

Simply put, if meditation has truly happened to you, you will know it, and then there is no question of calling it boring or interesting.

When you meditate, you are leaving concepts behind, you are leaving all definition behind.

You are in a space that cannot be possessed, but can be accessed.

So if anyone tells you meditation is boring, do not let it discourage you.

Meditation can only be experienced by the meditator.

Which is why it is necessary for you to keep all those ideas that you have about meditation aside, and simply meditate.

This way you can have an authentic experience of meditation. So the question is not about whether meditation is boring or interesting, the question is have you truly meditated?

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Osho Bardo Meditation

If you’d like to take it easy, and do something that requires lesser involvement, then you can get started with Osho Bardo Meditation, that is practiced before going to bed.

It is a great way to end the day, by experiencing a beautifully guided meditation, that helps you set all worries aside and get restful sleep.

Here’s the link to check Osho Bardo Meditation.

If you’ve never meditated in your life, or even remotely are aware of the benefits of meditation, I highly encourage you to get started now.

It can help you in more ways than you can possibly imagine.