A Human Is Not the Pinnacle of Evolution, But a Possibility

Pinnacle of Evolution

While a human being is considered to be the peak of evolution of life, nature can only go so far in the evolution of consciousness.

Human form isn’t the pinnacle of evolution, but it is a possibility to access the pinnacle of evolution.

As such, every human being has a responsibility towards his evolution.

Once you’re human, you become responsible.

The evolution of your consciousness depends largely on your level of responsibility.

You can go at a snail’s pace, and take several lifetimes to evolve.

However, the sooner you realize, that you must take responsibility for the evolution of your consciousness, the faster your progress.

Most people don’t realize this. They think being human is a complete job done by nature alone.

The truth is, nature just gives you a body, but it cannot evolve your consciousness for you.

That is your work. And the truth is, you can sense it.

You can sense that you have a certain longing, a longing similar to how a river seeks to meet the ocean.

This longing is the seed of evolution.

As human, you have this seed in you. And this seed requires nourishment.

The seed is not the seed that leads you to bondage, but one that takes you towards liberation.

Whether you know it or not, you’re seeking freedom from bondage.

You can sense that this world is not your real home.

You can also sense that form is not all there is.

What was, is, and will forever be, form can’t know. But what is formless, what can’t be seen, what cannot be touched, what is unfathomable to the senses, what is beyond the grasp of the mind, that, and only that can know what true freedom is.

And that seed of evolution, that leads you to the pinnacle of consciousness, of formlessness, you can realize.

Until you do, every time you are born, your every cell will be seeking it.

Truth by nature can’t be denied, it is like the current of flowing water, that will find its way.

Whether one life, or a million lives, but it is going to find its way.

Knowing this, knowing that truth can’t be denied, how about we co-operate with it?

How about we nourish that seed, and help it grow and enrich our lives?

If you’ve reached until this point, grace has already descended on you.

Now go to work. Don’t sit idle. Take responsibility.

Meditate. For through meditation you shall realize that which seeks to be realized.

Through meditation you allow the seed to flower and blossom into the truth of your being.

Through meditation you enable the evolution and reach the peak of consciousness.

Your life is your responsibility.

Meditation is the finest way to take responsibility.

Waste no more time in chasing false rewards in the world. Nothing will help.

Meditation is the way.

Enough said.