Quick Tips for a Joyful Life

A Million Wrinkles

Challenges are a part of life, but no challenge has the power to take away your joy. Even with a million wrinkles, you can have a sparkling smile.

A declaration, that no problem in this world is greater than the joy of your spirit.

Be Joyful Anyway…

“My head is aching. So what? I am still going to be joyful…
I feel low, and depressed. So what? I am still going to be joyful…
There’s so much going on in the world, it feels so wrong. So what? I am still going to be joyful…

My joy is not a product of my experiences, let emotions be what they are, and let thoughts be what they are, what does it matter to my true nature, who is forever untouched by them?

I am not a product of the mind. Love and joy are my true essence.
No matter what happens, I live for joy alone.”

There is only Oneness – Recognize this truth, and be free from duality

You are not here to win or lose.
You are not here to compete with anyone.
You are an expression of life, not much unlike the stars, that exist only to add to the glory of the awe and wonder of life…
Don’t be small minded, you’re made of stuff that makes the very sun shine bright!

The Best Vacation Ever

Here’s how you can go on a vacation — even during “these” times:

-Turn off that news
-Skip reading digital content altogether (Yes, you could call it a digital fast.)
-Practice Meditation
-Stay hydrated

Yes, it’s that simple. Try it!

Using the Awareness of Death for a Joyful Life

The fear of death is useless, for it causes you to die a million times, before you actually die. Awareness of death is beautiful. It reminds you that you are here today, and could be gone tomorrow. This brings tremendous joy, and it helps you value that which matters the most.

Life Cannot be Understood, It can Only be Lived

You can either ask 500 million questions about how to live your life, or you can live your life. To know the difference, stop asking questions, and start living.