Quit Smoking With Meditation And Get High On Life

Quit Smoking with Meditation

Look, I will be upfront. You are missing it. What you think is giving you a high, pales in comparison to the high of life. But you don’t know it, so you’re busy smoking away, and that’s fine.

You think smoking is the best you can do to feel better? I’d like to invite you to come and experience real high. A high without the jitters, without all those side effects.

Would you like that? Then let me show you how to quit smoking with meditation, and feel much better than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Best part, forget that strong will, courage and motivation stuff that you think you need to quit smoking. None of that is true.

To quit smoking with meditation all you need is a sincere wish to be free. If you really want out of the slavery, nothing can stop you from getting there.

Why Meditation Can Help You Quit Smoking

Meditation helps you become a conscious human being. And since smoking is harmful in so many ways, someone who is aware and conscious of what he is doing to himself, can no longer continue to do it.

Yes, you are aware that you smoke, but you hide from yourself that other than the good feelings you feel, you also feel pathetic. You also feel like you are a slave to it.

You lie to yourself and say you are in control, and that you can quit smoking whenever you like. But you know deep down, that smoking is consuming your life.

This, what I just told you above, the truth, the bitter truth, is what meditation reveals.

See, I told you, only if you have a sincere wish to be free, can you be free.

Else you can keep defending your habit and it won’t take you anywhere.

So essentially, meditation will not allow you to rest until you see the truth that you are hurting yourself.

All those ads that give you a fair warning, they are all pointless. You’ve kind of become blind to them. They don’t mean anything to you.

But meditation will reveal to you, how badly your body is hurting because of it. How much turmoil there is within you, and all the emotional stuff that is going on in there, that you are trying to push away with the high of a smoke.

Meditation is a revealer. It exposes what you try to hide from yourself.

As the saying goes, only the truth can set you free.

That’s what meditation does to you, it shows you the truth.

Sure it doesn’t sound all that fancy, but it’s like a bitter medicine that heals.

Probably the most bitter medicine that you can take in your life, is the medicine of meditation.

Sorry, if you came expecting something different. If you are looking for other fancy ways that do not require you to take responsibility, you can stop reading this post right now.

Still there?

Great. I am glad that you do indeed have a sincere wish to be free.

Here’s the next step.

1. Let’s do Some Smoking Meditation

As funny as it sounds. In this round of meditation, here’s what you will need.

A comfortable place, where you can sit upright, and a cigarette, and a lighter.

Now don’t be in a hurry to pick them up. Not yet.

First, just become aware of your surroundings.

Whether you’re in a room, or somewhere outside.

I want you to start by noticing, all that you can in your environment.

Just look. Don’t judge anything, don’t try to go into thinking about anything, just watch.

Now bring that awareness to your breath, and notice how when you become aware of your breath, it is starting to settle down.

Do this for a couple of minutes, and then light that cigarette.

Now, as you take a puff, be aware from the moment the cigarette touches your lips, and be aware of the sensations it starts sending your brain. Just be aware.

Next, become aware of how the smoke feels in your lungs. Notice how your lungs are feeling as you are smoking. Don’t try to judge yourself. Don’t think you’re a bad person for smoking. Just go on noticing.

Now after you’ve finished about half the stick, keep it aside, and see how you want to continue to smoke. Notice how your brain is in a certain compulsive mode, where the urge is there to go on smoking.

Now take a couple of deep breaths. And pick it up again.

Continue the same process as above, take a puff, observe the sensations, and even observe any thoughts.

Once you’re done, close your eyes, and start observing your breath.

Yes, just focus on observing the inhalation and the exhalation.

If you notice that you are wandering into thinking, bring yourself back and continue to observe the breath.

While you do this, notice how you don’t want to do it.

Notice how you want to run away from this, how you want to avoid looking at your inner state the way it is.

Do this for 5 mins and then open your eyes.

2. Quit Smoking & Continue to Meditate

Okay, now I’d like to encourage you to put a date on when you will quit.

If you can do it now, nothing like it. But if you want to continue to establish yourself in the practice of meditation, and gradually get there, that’s fine. Although, I recommend it is best to quit now.

Because you can always give yourself an excuse for not quitting.

So what is it going to be? Now? Tomorrow? Next month? You decide.

Here’s what happens after you quit smoking.

Your brain will not get the chemical it is used to.

It will demand it, it will crave it, and your work is to be aware of this.

Be aware of the hunger your brain will feel and do nothing about it.

Allow the brain to suffer.

There is no way out other than going through this suffering to naturally quit smoking.

However, here’s what meditation does for you. It shows you, that you are neither the body nor the mind.

It shows you that you are in fact a witness, who can actually watch this suffering while being apart from it.

3. Don’t Take Any Identity from Smoking

People carry their habits like they are something to treasure. They say, I’m a smoker, or I’m a chain smoker, and they feel like they’re cool, or they’re bad people for having the habit.

They think this is who they are, and they judge themselves one way or the other. They hate themselves for being a smoker, and all of this is nothing but giving yourself a false sense of self. The identity of being a smoker.

When you quit smoking with meditation, you also start to lose this false identity of being a smoker. The habit of smoking and the false identity of being a smoker both go together.

In a way you have to die to smoking. You have to become unavailable to it. No matter how much it howls, no matter how much it says it wants it, you don’t give it what it wants. Allow the smoker in you to die.

For the smoker is not the real you, it is a false identity that you invented, that is glued to the habit of smoking.

Meditation shows you, the real you. And what is real in you, doesn’t crave to smoke. Even if you don’t understand this right now, it’s okay. Just know that there is a part of you that is free. It always has been free.

Your work is to get in tune and accustomed to this part, which you may not be much aware of. But as you continue to meditate, you become more conscious of it.

It is from this truth that you can quit smoking in spite of the initial suffering the body may experience because of it.

Neither courage, nor will, required. All you need is a dose of truth, of reality.

Time to wake up, get high on life, and quit smoking with meditation for good!

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