Release the Ball of Expectations and Be Free!

What is troubling you right now? Something someone did or did not do?

Imagine a ball of expectations.

See that it is spinning slowly, and as it spins, it is collecting all your expectations from yourself, from others, and from life in general.

Let the ball gain momentum, see it as turning into a red ball of fire.

See that all your expectations are being burned up, and now, release the ball into space.

It is going higher up, and as it goes further up, so does all your attachment to those expectations.

See the ball is now out into space. The ball has cooled off now, and has disappeared.

Where are your expectations now? Where is your misery now?

If you still feel any holding onto something, create the ball of fire, and let it all be burned up.

There is nothing you need to be complete. You already are.

See this, and be released from the prison of unending desires.

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