Meditation is the Fastest Way to Riches

The fastest way to riches has nothing to do with wealth creation.

If you have a million dollars, you could still be poor, and if you had a billion dollars, you could still be very poor. The funny thing is, true richness has nothing to do with possession.

Real richness does not depend on any accomplishment. It is rather a state of being.

Right this moment you can know and be in this state, where there is no lack.

You can never in your life, imagine a state where there is the absence of all need. It is beyond the grasp of the mind.

Yet, you can experience this state, and know through this experience, what true richness is.

Before you do this, you have to be willing to cast aside all wordly definition of riches.

For this richness has nothing to do with comparison. The world defines richness, only in comparison. A man looks at the possession of another, and either feels rich or poor. In that sense no one is truly rich, for their idea of richness depends on the poverty of the other.

Real richness can’t be compared with anything else, for there is nothing else like it in the entire cosmos. Except for it, nothing else exists. It is total.

The only thing is, it cannot be possessed, but it can be accessed.

And once you access it, you know no poverty, not for you, and not for anyone else.

As far as you are concerned, you won’t find a single poor man from this point. And that’s the beauty of it.

Real richness makes everyone else rich in your eyes.

Yes, even that beggar on the street, you won’t find a beggar in him.

That’s the beauty of meditation. It makes you truly rich. And in fact, the only way to experience real richness is to access this state that you have — whether you know it or not, been searching for all your life.

Meditation Reveals the Poverty of False Richness

When I have that home, that car, that man or that woman, and the list goes on, people say, they will be happy. And they are never happy. For no matter how much they have, it’s never enough. Here’s the real reason why it is so.

Egotism is poverty. The only poverty in the world is egotism.

What is false, can never be content. Do you see?

Truth is contentment.

Meditation reveals to you the fakery of the false self, the liar, the thief who is the chief architect of misery.

Meditation is light shining on darkness. Truth, unmasking untruth.

The only poverty in life is untruth.

Meditation will free you of that, and in this freedom is richness.

True Richness Makes for a Pleasant Human Being

A man who knows the truth, knows the richness of life. Such a man is pleasant all the time.

He has not a care in the world. He lives each moment as if life were a celebration.

Every moment so filled with joy. The sweetness of his being spreads as a fragrance through the world, his existence is like that of a flower, whose mere presence, adds to the richness of the world.

Such a man, is truly rich.

Let meditation reveal true richness, that is forever.

The Fastest Way to Riches

Know Thyself and You Will Know You Are Already Complete

You haven’t come in this world to become someone, and the fact is you cannot truly become anyone except for who you already are.

To know that you are already complete, you also need to know thyself.

False identity is the root of misery. The invented self and its problems are a lie.

Meditation helps you see who you truly are, and in seeing your real self, you also see that you are already complete.

How can someone who is already complete ever feel any lack?

Truth and completeness are one and the same thing.

Want to know how to get started with meditation, and experience real richness?

I encourage you to practice Isha Kriya.

Isha kriya is a powerful meditation, that will help you experience the joy of the truth of who you are.

If you’d like to learn more about my experience of the same, you can click here to check it out.