There’s Just One Word For Your Suffering: Opposition

All suffering is born out of nothing but an opposition to truth.

What opposes what is good and right in you, is nothing but a lie.

If you look at the nature of opposition in you, you will find that it is the invented self, Mr. Ego who opposes everything that is good and right in life.

And here’s a simple reason it does so, because it is a LIE! And it can survive only through opposing truth, goodness, God and his creation.

God is the only reality. He has no opposite.

God is truth, and what opposes truth is a false existence, a lie. You can even call it hell. Hell is nothing but false existence.

The only thing that stands in opposition to God, are false identities.

And identities are not realities, but a work of fiction.

The first act of opposition that Mr. Ego does, is to believe himself to be real.

Through this belief, it can do nothing but oppose truth, and seeks to be affirmed.

While it creates a false belief of being someone, it also feels empty.

Discontentment is the nature of lies. Contentment is the nature of truth.

Sensing its emptiness, which it can’t stand, it seeks to fill itself with a sense of self.

It is always looking to feel itself as real, because that is all it has got to support its lie that it is real afterall.

A lie from the point it is born, is always looking to prove to itself that it is not a lie.

Truth, God, never has to imagine himself to be anyone, but a lie has to imagine itself to be a million things.

A lie seeks affirmation, truth simply is, absent of all need.

When the light of truth falls on lies, it feels the truth also as lash on it.

A truth is painful to the lie, for everything that is good is bad for it.

There’s nothing a lie fears more than truth, and there’s nothing a lie hates more than truth.

All suffering is a lie that your false self loves, and doesn’t want to get rid of.

Here’s how the Ego lives off opposition:

  1. God is the only truth, he is the only reality: The Ego knows no God but itself. (Opposition)
  2. God is love, and all that is bright and cheery: The Ego is hate, worry, and anxiety. (Opposition)
  3. God is complete: The Ego is forever incomplete. (Opposition)
  4. God lives in heaven: The Ego lives in Hell (Opposition)
  5. God is clarity: The Ego is distortion (Opposition)
  6. God is Wisdom: The Ego is Ignorance (Opposition)

While this list can go on. The point is, all suffering is born out of the Ego’s opposition to truth.

The funny thing is, the ego even masks itself as your savior, and will say it will save you from itself, by resisting itself, which is nothing but the ego doing its bidding.

You need no saving, but only seeing what the truth is.

Becoming aware of the opposition in you, is the same as it being cast out.

The Ego Is Resistance to Life

There’s only one thing the Ego can do, resist life.

And the way it does so, is through thought.

Life, is timeless, thought is time.

The ego always sustains itself through timed thinking.

When you occupy any moment fully, you will notice, the Ego disappears.

Time is the foundation of illusion, on which the Ego rests.

Remove time, and the Ego cannot sustain itself.

Which is where the “live in the moment” idea comes from.

The truth is we are already always in the moment, it is only the mind that travels.

And in doing so, it seeks to take you into its world, so it can have more of itself.

The Ego has no interest in you, it has no interest in truth, it has no interest in goodness.

It has no interest in peace, it has no interest in sanity, it’s only interest is itself.

And it will lie to you in a million ways, and often try to act holier than thou.

Meditation Exposes The Opposition

Here’s where meditation becomes so potent.

Meditation is the realm of the timeless reality of now.

And it enables you to see through this false personality, that you’ve been carrying around as you, but which has brought you nothing but suffering.

Meditation also reveals to you, that when you start meditating and experiencing another state, which the Ego will refer to as emptiness, is infact, the Ego sensing its departure.

When you meditate, and there is something in you that starts to feel threatened by the state, it is nothing but the false self, that can sense its demise.

Which is why quite a few people complain that meditation wasn’t all that blissful as it has been marketed.

But the point of meditation was never blissfulness, but truth.

And when you first come in contact with truth, untruth is bound to feel scared.

You can sense that something in you is diminishing, you can sense your usual sense of self, diminishing.

This is good and healthy, and you must stay persistent in your practice, and one day you’ll see so clearly, that what you called yourself as you was never you, but a fake.

And oh what a day it will be!

For now, meditate, and be aware of the opposition, that seeks to do nothing but steal your life in your name!

The Ego Doesn’t Have to Be Destroyed

What does not exist can’t be destroyed. The ego is mind creation, if you try to destroy something in the mind, it will only multiply.

For the mind has no subtraction. The ego doesn’t have to be destroyed, but distanced from.

You just abandon it.

Let it be there, but you start seeing it for what it is, and live your life consciously.

That’s the whole point of meditation.

To see that you have no enemies, but only appearances that you must see as appearances.

Remember the truth, God has no opposite.

So there’s nothing to oppose, only a lie that has to be exposed.