Truth Doesn’t Crave Your Attention, The False Is An Energy Vampire


You are not your imagined self. Which is the inventor of all the problems in your life, and it creates problems, and insists you must solve them. The truth is, you are not its slave. And you don’t work for it.

Which means, you don’t have to try and solve the problems it creates, but rather say goodbye to the problem creator itself.

All your problems belong to the problem creator, your imagined self.

Truth never insists or places demands on you for attention, that which is in you, that demands attention, is false.

The very fact, that it cries out for attention, is proof that it is trying to live off your energy.

You must see this false operation of the mind, and this seeing is the light, that casts out darkness.

One of the classic traits of this perpreator, is to distort, the classic signature being, it never makes sense.

It is senseless, utterly stupid, and it has a distorted world of its own, that it wishes to invite you in.

Simply because it’s distorted world, is its world, which it wishes to keep going, but can’t do so, without your energy.

You are being introduced to the faulty operation of your mind, where the imagined self, is manufacturing all kinds of nonsense, that for the life you, you haven’t ever been able to make any sense of.

Truth is, you will never be able to make any sense of it, for the architect of this nonsense is egotism, which is the very root of ignorance.

Just as darkness can never become light, what is senseless, can never make sense.

Knowing this fact, is a release in itself.

You are not chained to this imaginary self, and you don’t owe it life.

The real world application of what you just read, can be further explained with an illustration, so here it is.

You go out for a morning walk, and are enjoying your time in nature, when a thought enters your mind, and the moment it enters, you can also sense the signature along with it, which is disturbance, and now, it places a demand on you, to think more about it, and somehow by thinking more, it tells you, it will lead you out of this disturbance.

But what actually happens, is it takes you more into its world of darkness, of disturbance, and you are not so much enjoying your walk, but are struggling with what just came to your mind.

The imagined self has all the tricks to give you the sense, that it is you. It will give you sensations, feelings, it will make you nervous even, it plays what I call the drama of the senses.

However, if you have done any meditation, or have practiced Isha Kriya, you know that you are neither the body, nor the mind. And hence, you are not entangled to this drama of the senses, but are rather a witness to it.

When this demand for attention comes, with all the drama of the senses, you must see it for it is, and let truth do the work.

Which basically means do nothing about the thought, but just let it pass from your consciousness, just like the sky allows a cloud to pass. And enjoy your walk!

Truth, is complete. You are already complete, and hence are not subject to the demands of the false self that insists you must give it life.

Now you know what you must do next time you run into the imagined self, and the problems it creates. Simply say goodbye!

Presence lives without a care. And that, is the truth of who you are!