What Is Valuable To The Mind, Is Ignorance To The Spirit

Spiritual Love

The mind values its ignorance, for all that it has got in the name of knowledge is ignorance.

And ignorance is suffering. Yet, the mind has no understanding of its own ignorance.

Just the same way as darkness knows nothing but darkness.

And just as darkness can never know light, the mind can never see past itself.

All it has to itself, is itself, and it values itself.

Which means, it values its suffering. Which is all it has got to its name, for it is the chief architect of it.

The mind cannot exist without suffering.

Yes, you read that right. The mind is constant suffering. It simply can’t exist without it.

For what is a lie, is a curse unto itself.

What is a truth, is a blessing.

The Clearest Definition You Will Ever Find On Planet Earth Of What Suffering Is

All suffering is a demand for energy by the mind!

Just see, all your worries, fears, anxieties, all dark thoughts belong to the kingdom of hell.

And the existence of hell is a false existence, and it cannot keep its pathetic world going without a constant supply of energy. Which it always demands by blatantly lying to you, and by trying to threaten you.

Your mind starts to vibrate in a certain state of anxiousness, where it is yelling for more energy.

This state of the mind that feels threatened by its own inventions, and then yells for energy to get more worried, and get more of itself, is suffering.

Whenever the mind demands energy, see a liar there.

And this is the vibration that a lie lives off. This is the vibration of hell.

This is the vibration that falseness lives off.

Oh, and to expose it more clearly, this falseness has your name on it.

It calls itself “me.”

You are not this false self. The chief trick it has on you, is it masquerades as you. It can even emulate your voice in the mind, and make you think that it was you.

This is where all those voice thoughts that people get come from.

A man can hear both healthy and harmful voices in his mind, you can recognize them through spiritual work, and start to toss out the ones who sneak in to live off your energy by giving them no thought.

The spirit is the source of energy, and hence never demands it, for it has no need to demand it.

The mind, lives off the energy that is generated by the spirit, for it has no power source of its own.

Since the mind is all ignorance, and it is always in short supply of energy, for it never produces any, it only consumes what it gets, so it constantly begs for more.

It demands that you give it more of it, the mind wants more of itself.

It produces a thought, and it hopes you will take the bait, and give it more of itself.

The mind has no interest in you, it has no interest in life.

It’s only interest is its falsehood, which it seeks to keep going.

It never wants you to find out that it has been taking you for a ride.

It never wants you to ever discover the truth.

For it knows, the arrival of truth is its departure.

If you are reading this right now, and sense any nervousness, truth has you.

Ending Your Relationship With Evil

There’s no better way to put it, but to draw light on the fact, that you in your unawareness have been in a relationship wth evil.

Ouch. I know.

That can sound harsh, but before you let the mind tell you to reject what is being said here, I suggest you take a couple of deep breaths, and continue reading.

Truth is bitter for the mind and sweet for the spirit.

Your contract with evil, has been signed in unawareness.

No man consciously gives his soul to the devil. So this is not a judgement, but a healing fact.

The invented self, that is often referred to in many cultures as Satan, or the shadow self, or ego, is nothing but an unconsciously invented identity, a mask, that thinks it is your master, and you are its slave.

A mask that believes it owns the one who wears it!

Your relationship with it is the relationship of identity, it says, without me you are nothing. And it scares you by saying, if you let me go, who will you be.

Which is it feeling scared that you will toss it out.

Evil never ceases to lie.

It tells you, you must keep it around, in order to sense that you are someone after all, and that you need to be someone. Which is a false need born out of ignorance.

The spirit is the absence of all need. And hence the lie of evil falls flat.

Seeing this truth, that you need not be anyone at all, what will you do of the stupid mask!

I will tell you what you will do — you will toss it out of your life.

And in doing so, end your relationship with the devil and his falseness.

Joy of being no one

The Joy Of Being No One At All

You don’t need to be anyone at all, you don’t need to become knowledgeable, you don’t need to become rich, you don’t need to be loved, you don’t need security, you need nothing.

For you are already complete.

You don’t need a man or a woman to complete you.

You don’t need society to tell you that you are a good person.

You don’t need absolutely anything whatsoever!

Oneness is wholeness, and only truth can be it.

The joy of being no one, is the joy of being real.

I am sure you can sense freedom in this.

Even if you don’t experientially know this state of being, you can see it resonates with you.

Seeing that you are the absence of all need, the constant demand of the mind that you give it attention, can be seen through as a hoax, only to be tossed out, absolutely, totally, and completely.

What is valuable to the mind, which is itself, is ignorance to the spirit.

The spirit can see through darkness, and being a witness, an observer of the mind, what do you care what the mind is up to?

Let it howl, let it demand energy, and you can just watch it fade out.

Both it and its suffering just disappear.

Meditation Is The Way

One of the best ways to make what you just read a living experience for you, is to meditate.

For through meditation, you can see all that you have read above to be true.

Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

See it for yourself.

Do it now! Go, meditate.