You Are Already Complete

As a child, I always felt, there is something to life, something that will make me complete. And so began the search.

As I grew up, I thought may be it is earning a lot of money, becoming rich, and “successful” that will complete me.

It did not take long though, for the charm of success to fade away.

Then I thought, may be it is love, love for someone, that will complete me, but to my surprise, even that didn’t work.

Being the seeker that I was, I thought may be it is spiritual growth, striving for enlightenment that will help me be at home — something I have been searching for all my life, or may be from many lives.

Funny thing is, even that did not work.

Until one day, through grace, it was revealed, in the most subtle ways it can be revealed, like a soundless whisper in my ears.

Son, you’re already complete.

There is nothing in this world, that can complete you. Because you already are.

What more can I say? You are already complete! No relationship, no status, no belief, nothing is needed.

Searching for anything outside of you to complete you, is to enslave you.

When you know you ARE complete, you will be able to truly live and love.

If you don’t understand any of this, don’t worry. I am not speaking to your mind. The truth in you understands what I am talking about.