The Idea That I Am Someone Is A Lie – You Are No One At All

You Are No One

Now pay attention to what you’re about to read, and also pay attention to the fear that you may sense when reading this.

If you want the answer to the suffering that you’ve been going through, then you will need to consciously suffer the truth that is going to descend on you now, through these words, that will help you connect with the truth in you.

You’ve always believed yourself to be someone.

A separate individual self, that has an identity. And this idea was a complete and total lie.

But you and the whole world believed in you.

They believed in your separateness, just as they believed in theirs, which did nothing but become hardened in your mind as a belief. And a belief is not a reality.

You are not what you think you are. You can’t ever think yourself into existence.

You can only think a fake self into its existence, which can also be called false existence or non-existence — illusion, not reality.

So your whole idea of being someone, and the world that this someone lives in, which is the world of thought, of imagination, of self preoccupation is all non-existence or false existence.

Your mind is an absolutely wonderful tool, but it can also believe in things that don’t exist.

And one of its deep rooted beliefs is in a self, that does not exist!

Truth is bitter for the mind, and sweet for the spirit.

The false self, which is all lies, will find truth bitter, it doesn’t favor it, but what is true and right in you, will embrace the truth, and will sense joy and lightness after hearing it.

So take the bitter pill, it’s sweet for you!

Now if what I am saying gives you a headache, or makes you feel even the least bit uncomfortable, it is because of your mind’s inability to comprehend this truth, that what it believed all along, was a lie.

The interesting thing is you can always intuitively sense the need for truth. It’s undeniable, unignorable in you. It is constant, and it never goes away. Truth is very persistent that way!

The great thing about a lie, is that it is constant suffering. You will suffer the lie, and you will also suffer the lie that you are not suffering the lie. Which is what makes suffering great, for it yells! I am a lie! A deluded mind works to defend its false existence, it will invent all kinds of reasoning to say, “oh, who said, I am suffering, I am enjoying my life, I just got a promotion, my life is good. So no thanks!”

Whether you know it or not, you’re looking to put an end to suffering.

When Gautama the Buddha first became aware of sickness, old age, and death, it brought him great suffering, and he had the intelligence to see that there must be a way to put an end to suffering.

How do you think the Buddha succeeded in doing that? Not by putting an end to sickness, old age, and death, but by seeing through the fact, that the sufferer did not exist. And when the sufferer does not exist, there can be no question of suffering!

He saw through the hoax of the false self, he saw through his own ignorance, which was shown to him by the light of awareness, of truth.

Which is where his teaching, “be a light unto yourself,” comes from.

That is the message that is being conveyed through what you’re reading now. You cannot put an end to suffering until you become a light unto yourself, and cast out your own ignorance.

And as Buddha had to encounter and see through what was referred to as “Maya or Illusion,” which was trying to keep him from finding the truth, it was trying to keep him entangled in it’s own web.

But his thirst for truth had reached a pinnacle, it was so strong that nothing could stop him.

He knew he must do what he must do to see through the hoax of suffering.

And so he did, and so must you.

Blossoming of Life

Your mind may come retorting, “I am not as great a man as the Buddha, I am just an ordinary man,” it again lies to you.

It’s like a rose bud, looking at another blossomed rose, and saying, I am not as beautiful as that one, which is a lie.

Buddhahood is the blossoming of life, and you are life! Don’t let your mind tell you, who you are, find out for yourself, and you’ll know, you too are a buddha!

When the Buddha was asked, who are you, he didn’t say, I am God, or I am great, or anything, he just said, I am awake!

You don’t need to be great, you don’t need to be anyone, except to be awake!

If you are reading this, you’re being called to wake up!

The question is, are going to do it now? Or do you want to wait for a million more lives?

Truth is in no hurry, but just know one thing, there is no way on earth to escape truth.

So you might as well do it NOW! And realize the fact that you are no one at all!

Meditate To Realize the Truth

Don’t try to think you are no one at all, know you are no one at all. And there is a world of difference in the two.

Which is why, meditate, and it will show you, the fact, that the idea that “I am someone” is a lie.

What a day, when you see it.

What a day when you see through your own mind, operating as if it has a self of its own, and you seeing that it has been a hoax all along.

What a day!